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We have tried a number of different way to help you find the right gift quick. Here's our latest attempt - a picture is worth a thousand words (except in that last essay question of your exam, don't try it there)...

Darwin for BeginnersSpock EarsUSS Enterprise Door ChimeGunnar Optiks Glasses CasePortal 2 Long Socks Phanton KeystrokerCable Ninjasockitz power socket with usb packetMagic Geek BallStaple free staplerSuck UK Fridge Bottle Opener In ActionContact KeysMinecraft Creeper WalletCanned Unicorn Meatbackyard ballistics bookTetris ToastBlack Knight, Bridge Security T Shirt Close UpNinjabread Ninja bread Men Cookie Cutters bakedRemote Control LEd Light BulbMinecraft Foam SwordUndead Fred Zombie Cookie CuttersGiant MicrobesHand of the King PinPower Up Arcade Light SwitchWarcraft War Flag- HordeClassic Video Game Controller Ornament SetGeek & Sundry T ShirtWireless Mini Keyboard With TouchpadWind Up Pac Man and GhostMini GPS Trackerdiy tattoosGiant Microbes - The ColdWireless Mini Keyboard With Touchpad switchesFroliCat BoltGreen LED ShoelaceCanned Dragon MeatGreen Dragon Pint Glass - 2 PackAdipose Stress Toy Doctor WhoAnnoy-a-TronBlack Knight, Bridge Security T ShirtHungry ScientistStaple free stapler yellowCritical Hit D20 DieAliens FacehuggerHot Shots In ActionStaple free stapler blueStar Trek CufflinksCanned Dragon MeatLED Push PinsDoctor Who Mini-Plush - Red DalekSuck UK Fridge Bottle OpenerGiant Microbes - Brain CellCanned Dragon MeatCassette Tape iPhone 4 Cover - BlackiPill iphone microphoneMini RC Helicopter S107G Redpaper robotStormtrooper HelmetMagic Missiles T ShirtFroliCat Bolt PackCelluon Magic CubeBook Zen of ZombieCable Turtle PackageWampa Laplander HatWireless Mini Keyboard With TouchpadWireless Mini Keyboard With Touchpad lazerAliens FacehuggerEvil-TronMinecraft Foam PickaxeCanned Unicorn MeatGingerDead MenPrincess Leia Beaniecooking for geeksLightsaber Room LightLion Cat HatEsc Ctrl CufflinksMobile Phone HolderOfficial Ninja Book16G USB CufflinksiPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case - BlackGiant Microbes - MRSAGiant Microbes - The ClapHobbit Feet SocksiPhone Stylus Pencil in UseRemote Control LEd Light BulbNot A Paper CupBender Beanie Phanton KeystrokerForbidden Lego Gunzombie cupcakesGollum PlushLED Push PinsX Mini SpeakerDungeons & Dragons Fantasy Roleplaying Game: An Essential D&D Starter Tetris ToastPacMan Cuff Links Star Wars Ewok BeenieiPhone Geek Deluxe PackWind Up Pac Man and GhostWhiskey Stones Inside PackFiresteel Survival Flint and Steel Action ShotPersonal Library KitPortal EaringsWhiskey StonesPortal 2 iPad CaseiPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case - Close Upsockitz power socket with usb frontHot Shots TargetStar Trek Family Car DecalsUndead Fred Zombie Cookie CuttersUndead Fred Zombie Cookie Cutterssockitz power socket with usb backSchrodingers Cat Tee - LargeThe Zombie Survival Guide Max BrooksiPhone Gaming Steering WheelGeeg Dad for Aspiring Mad Scientists by Ken DenmeadInside a Ride-In DalekCanned Unicorn MeatCelluon Magic Cube with iPadSock Monkey Rescue Kit8-Bit LED Holiday WreathLevel 1 RPG OnesieHot ShotsFroliCat Dart Packi can has cheezburger booktron network security t shirtiPillWhiskey Stones BoxPi TShirtStar Trek Spock Oven MittHobbit Feet SocksiPhone Stylus Pencilx-Mini Speaker, undersideGiant Microbes - PenicillinGunnar Optiks Call Of Duty MW3 GlassesLogin UndiesRemote Control LED Light Bulb Backsockitz power socket with usbrpg skeleton tshirt close upPC Rearview Mirror Coloursdiy tattoosDoctor Who Mini-Plush - CybermenWarcraft War Flag - Alliancex-Mini Speaker, Boxx-Mini Speaker, Colours, Red White and BlackPC Rearview MirrorGunnar Optiks Phenom  Onyx GlassesCable Turtle - PinkTetris Toastx-Mini Speaker, Sound Beyond SizeHot Shots RangeStar Trek Family Car DecalsClassic Video Game Controller Ornament SetDoctor Who Mini-Plush - TardisUnicorn MaskTransformers CufflinksCassette Tape iPhone 4 CoveriPlungeGeek & Sundry T Shirt Close UpBuild Your Own Paper Robots CD hardcoverPi Shower CurtainCelluon Magic Cube in BoxWireless Mini Keyboard With Touchpad USB ChargeWireless Mini Keyboard With TouchpadSuper Sneaky Uses for Everyday ThingsNinjabread Ninja bread Men Cookie CuttersPlants V Zombies Figures - ConeheadStar Wars AT-AT BackpackPi CufflinksStar Wars Cook Book 2tron network security t shirtStaple free stapler redUndead Fred Zombie Cookie CuttersStar Wars Cook Book 2 Pretzelmini gps tracker packSneaky Uses for Everyday ThingsMini RC Helicopter S107GBazinga OnesieContact KeysEsc Ctrl Cufflinks Side and BackSneaky Green Uses for Everyday ThingsPower Up Arcade Light SwitchJinx Spray T Shirt Close UpJinx Spray T ShirtInflatable Portal 2 TurretGunnar Optiks Gaming GlassesDashboard ZombieLion Cat HatForbidden Lego BookLevel 1 RPG Onesie BackFroliCat Dart ControlsGunnar Optiks MLG Phantom Gunmetal GlassesFiresteel Survival Flint and steelGameBoy Iphone 4G CaseGiant Microbes - HerpesGunnar Optiks Anime Onyx GlassesLED Shoelace coloursGiant Microbes - MonoCannon Lens MugNinjabread Ninja bread Men Cookie CuttersRide-In Dalek in useBilbo Baggins PlushDoctor Who Mini PlushesRide-In DalekGingerDead MenFirefly Blue Sun TeeShaun of the Dead Uniform teeSock Monkey Rescue Kit ContentsPersonal Library Kit ContentsCannon Lens Mug BoxPortal 2 Long SocksDoctor Who Mini-Plush - Blue DalekFurry Adventure SlippersGingerDead Mena girls guide to dating a geekAdipose Stress Toy Doctor WhoCable Turtle BlackNeat Geek Gift CertificateFroliCat DartEinstein For BeginnersUndead Fred Zombie Cookie CuttersFroliCat TwitchSolar Balloonrpg skeleton tshirtCritical Hit D20 DieGeek Dad by Ken DenmeadCigar Gift SetSolar BalloonGiant Microbes - Sperm CellDungeons & Dragons Fantasy Roleplaying Game: An Essential D&D StarterCredit Card Light Bulb

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