Geeky Events

>> 11-19 AugAustralia Science Week - Celebration of science in Australia

That would be awesome...

>> "Zombies Vs Plants" iPhone App
>> 'Give Quiche a Chance' Shirt - Red Dwarf
>> 3D StarTrek Chess Set
>> Super Mario Wall Decals
>> See ya later, Navigator! (tshirt)
>> 'afk' - tshirt (Away From Keyboard)
>> 'There's no such thing as 2' - Bumper Sticker
>> Model Rocket Starter Kit
>> 'Don't type Google into Google' - IT Crowd
>> Crochet Light saber with Rattle
>> Caffeinated Chewing Gum

Geeky Fail...

>> USB Vacuum Cleaners
>> USB Mug Heater
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I want to see all your new geeky gadgets but I`ll just forget to come back to the site. Oh these might help...
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